Alpine Car Stereos

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Looking for a wide range of Alpine car stereos with features to suit any listener? Strathfield Car Radios stocks Alpine stereos in a range of models, with prices so competitive you won’t believe it!!

From car stereos with USB and AUX ports to those with Bluetooth, touch screens and reversing camera compatibility, your Alpine stereo can be packed full of features or nice and simple - it’s up to you!

Alpine’s car stereos make listening to music in your car a personalised experience, with the ability to customise bass, treble, speaker balance, subwoofer levels and more. Thanks to the famous sound quality, your music has never sounded better. 

If you just want to be able to listen to your CDs or USBs without bothering with any extra features, then the Alpine CDE-150E CD Receiver with USB is the answer. It’s simple to use while still looking great. You can continue listening to your CDs and USBs without converting to an iPhone or Android phone and throwing your discs away. 

Some people prefer to play their music through their smartphones, and the Alpine CDE-173EBT CD Receiver with Advanced Bluetooth is perfect for this. Play through Bluetooth, directly through your phone via USB, or by plugging in your iPod. It even has a CD player if you feel like going old school with your music. You can also access your phonebook and make and receive calls, all hands-free, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth. Save money on buying a hands-free kit with this stereo.

For those who want the best of the best, you need the Alpine iXE-W400E 7" Touch Screen Media Receiver with Bluetooth. Stream video as well as audio in incredible quality with the smartphone mirroring option via HDMI, control your media through your steering wheel controls and activate the included reversing camera if your car doesn’t already have one. This car stereo offers the ultimate in convenience, allowing you to control your audio and smartphone legally* and hands-free, and safely reverse with the useful camera.

*Be sure to check the relevant laws in your state or territory.

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