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When you want to take your music with you on the water, you’ll find a high-quality marine stereo at Strathfield Car Radios. If you’re already an Alpine audio fan, you’ll be excited to know that they make marine stereos as well - perfect for playing your favourite tunes on your boat.

Taking your regular CD player onto your boat is a recipe for disaster, and inferior units won’t last the harsh conditions of days at sea; you need a marine stereo you can trust. You need Alpine

Alpine performs rigorous testing on its units, to ensure they can stand up to the marine environment. The Alpine CDA-118M Marine CD Receiver can withstand prolonged exposure to fog, UV rays, salt and humidity, perfect for long days in the sun on your watercraft. It’s IPx5 Water Resistant, so you don’t have to worry about those larger waves and wet conditions ruining your listening experience.   

This marine stereo also meets the Accelerated Weathering Standards ASTM G154/D4329, meaning it was subjected to a 500-hour high-intensity test to determine how it handled exposure to humidity, UV, and high temperatures, and passed with flying colours. With Bluetooth capability and the ability to play music from CDs, USBs and iPhones, you can also set up dual zones for larger boats; play music at one end of the vessel and different tracks at the other, and control them both with ease. 

Even when the waves are loud, the Imprint sound will let you hear your music above the roar without losing sound quality. If you’re looking for a marine stereo upgrade for your boat, for leisurely days or rocking afternoons at sea, then Alpine is a great choice.

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