• 'MURICA!

    1st Mar 2023


    A few days ago we had both these beasts in the shop for an audio fit out. Definitely backed up the workshop due to the sheer size of these cars! Geez! An Original Hummer H1 came in to us to fres…

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  • BMW 7 Series Big Bass setup!

    29th Jul 2021

    BMW 7 Series Big Bass setup!

    We hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe during these tough times.Here's some content for those in lockdown.The owner of this 7 series contacted us a few weeks ago about a subwoofer install into…

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  • Classic American Pickup visits the store!

    11th Jul 2021

    Classic American Pickup visits the store!

    Take a look at this Beauty!We had this classic American Pickup dropped off to us a couple of weeks ago for a freshen up of the audio system.This car came in to us with a simple single DIN radio and da…

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  • Kenwood DMX820WXS Hilux Kit

    13th Apr 2021

    Kenwood DMX820WXS Hilux Kit

    How 'bout Kenwood's 8" Toyota unit?The Kenwood DMX820WXS units have been around for a few months but just recently, Kenwood has also released the specific facia kits to suit 2015+ Hilux's. If you're…

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  • How Cool is this!!

    9th Apr 2021

    How Cool is this!!

    For those that don't know, this is a Subaru Sambar, which is a Japanese market only vehicle and was recently imported to Australia. The new owner of this Sambar came in to us as it was fitted with a…

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