Dynamat Sound deadening

Dynamat Sound deadening

Published by Jourdan on 20th Sep 2019


Road noise, that's what it is.

Road noise can be caused by a large number of factors.
Road surface, tyres, wheels, lining material... the list goes on!

Regardless the cause, all we know is that the noise travels into the cabin.
This is where we come in.

The owner of this Navarra had terrain tyres fitted to the car, roof racks with light bars and tools in the back.
Internal cabin noise was obviously at a level that was unbearable to the driver.

The solution? Dynamat.

This car had all doors, rear panel and roof installed with Dynamat and Dynaliner.

The owner was surprised as to how much it improved the internal cabin noise and as an added bonus, the factory sound system sounded better!

We have a wide range of Dynamat products available.

In this vehicle, we installed Dynamat 10455 and Dynaliner 11102

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