Pioneer TS-WX710A Space Saving Amplified Subwoofer

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Pioneer TS-WX710A Space Saving Amplified Subwoofer 

This ultra-flat amplified sub (just 9 cm high) will give you rich bass, without invading and taking over the boot of your car. The tough polyurethane skin is anti-slip and anti-scratch, allowing luggage to be placed on top of the subwoofer without damaging it.

The TS-WX710A has a perfect internal design, maximising the performance of the two 16cm subwoofers inside. With our MOSFET 200W amplifier (known to be small in size but powerful in output) and ‘symmetrical back-loaded horn structure’, the result is a highly efficient system for reproducing bass sound. You’ll hear a rich, vivid and speedy bass; a sound unexpected from such a flat sub.There’s a safety mounting kit included, for easy installation.



The TS-WX710A is a uniquely compact speaker that allows installation in a wide range of vehicle applications. Installing the subwoofer under seats, and in small spaces is ideal for this powered subwoofer.


While the TS-WX710A is compact, it does not lack in output. It has a built-in MOSFET amplifier that produces deep, solid sounding bass. The woofer cone is made of aluminum which allows for a consistent bass response.


The TS-WX710A also includes a wired remote for direct control of audio adjustments for the powered subwoofer. With the press of a finger you can adjust gain control, frequency response, and phase.

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by craig chaplin on 1st Dec 2017


    great bass when space is limited.

    I have a dual cab hilux which limits me to being able to fit a sub in. This fits behind the rear seat just. Great bass and the controller is great to be able to tune the bass to the different genres me and my kids listen to. I mainly keep the gain half way with frequency on 50 on dynamic. Which seems to give it pretty good clean bass. Love this sub.