Zenec Z-E2026 Vehicle Specific Navigation receiver for VW, SEAT and Skoda

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ACR Braendli + Voegeli AG · Bohrturmweg 1 · CH-5330 Bad Zurzach · Switzerland · ·
Innovative multimedia and advanced navigation system for many models from VW, SEAT, and SKODA: The Z-E2026 is a vehicle specific navitainer,
which blends in perfectly with the original look of your vehicle, and can be conveniently controlled from the high resolution 7“/17.8 cm touchscreen display.
With the Z-E2026 you are able to experience an amazing range of entertainment options in your vehicle. Thanks to its new multituner system with
background scan, FM phase-diversity tuner for FM and DAB+, the full radio program variety can be enjoyed on the road. The built-in CD/DVD
drive and a USB port (with 0.8 m extension wire) on the backside of the device will allow you to play the latest audio and video formats. For the
sound quality optimization, a DSP based loudspeaker management system (equalizer / time aligment) is part of the tuning options. A high output
4 x 50 watts amplifier provides power, dynamics and musical enjoyment.
The powerful Bluetooth module from Parrot, now with database support, gives you easy access to telephone functions and music streaming.
With its EU map package with 47 countries and more than 6 million Premium POI, the Z-E2026 guides you reliably and safely to any destination.

A/C control status
info integration
The status info of the A/C control (Climatronic) are read
via the vehicle CAN bus. The system offers a personalized display, matched to compatible vehicles. Status info
data of the A/C control are shown as pop-up on the
ZENEC Z-E2026. This function depends on vehicle model
and model year.
Bluetooth from
specialist Parrot
Advanced phonebook contact search function, easy to
edit favorites menu, and other details underscore the performance level of the BT system from Parrot. Special feature is the integrated database. On initial synchronization
of the mobile phone the Z-E2026 saves the phone book – it
is available as soon as you get into the vehicle. Three
mobile phones, each having up to 1000 contacts, can be
synchronized; two smartphones can be used in parallel.
The EU map package with 47 countries navigates using
the new ZENEC NextGen navigation engine, and contains
more than 6 million Premium POI. Detailed map data, 3D
rendering of terrain and landmarks, TMC, Auto-Zoom,
Lane Assist, and other Smart modes make the Z-E2026 the
perfectly equipped route finder. You can download quarterly
published map updates free of charge from the Navi extras
portal for one year after starting to use the de vice.
Multituner system
with DAB+
Thanks to the new multituner system with FM phasediversity tuner and DAB+, the full radio program variety
can be enjoyed on the road. Optimal radio reception is
ensured by two FM/AM and two DAB+ tuners, which functionally complement and support each other. The database supported dynamic background scan function keeps
the radio list in check and you permanently up to date. A
fifth tuner takes care of the TMC traffic data reception.
Rear-view camera interface with
optional distance assist lines
The Z-E2026 offers simple connection of rear view cameras, including the OE rear view cam from 2015 and up.
The cam is controlled by touchscreen, ALT key or automatically, by engaging reverse gear. Freely configurable grid
lines for improved estimation of distance can be activated
or left off. A dedicated audio-in allows the use of cam
models which are equipped with an integrated microphone.
ZENEC for future-proof
Via the Smartlink connection, smartphones or other multimedia devices can be connected to the Z-E2026 using
special ZENEC accessories, and controlled from the naviceiver. The Smartlink interface ensures high picture qua lity
and optimal connectivity in the future. When combined
with the HDMI, DVB-T and Miracast Smartlink interfaces
from the ZENEC accessory range, the Z-E2026 is best
equipped for further developments in the multimedia area.
Powerful DSP presets for
optimum in-vehicle use
To improve the sound reproduction, dedicated vehicle presets are available. The DSP based speaker management
system offers to tailor the in-car frequency response by ear,
or by measurement using the parametric 11-band equalizer.
With the aid of single-channel time alignment (configurable
to 4.2 or 5.1 mode), with distances adjustable in cm or 0.1
ms steps, you can optimize the sound staging.
Z-E2026 – optimal match
and fi tting options
Smart device design with large rotary volume dial, red/
white key illumination and a modern 17.8 cm/7“ TFT LCD
touchscreen display – the Z-E2026 blends in perfectly
with various VW, SEAT, and SKODA vehicles. The E>GO is
connected via the vehicle-specific CAN bus interface to
the factory installed steering wheel remote control. The
multimedia functions of the steering wheel remote control remain intact.
USB media management
by Gracenote
The USB media management with database support of
the Z-E2026 with its integrated Gracenote functions is
perfectly designed for mobile entertainment. With the
Gracenote functions ‘More like this‘ (MLT) and ‘Mood‘,
you can create playlists on USB media from your music
collection with just a single click. These playlists are
either based on a song you have selected, or on your
actual mood.
Support for
24-bit FLAC audio fi les
The Z-E2026 has a 24-bit D/A converter that can process
digital FLAC audio data from USB media with a resolution of
up to 24 bits with sampling rates of 192 kHz: a futureoriented feature that already allows you to enjoy your high
reso lution audio files in the highest quality. The Z-E2026
supports almost all common A/V formats: MP3, FLAC, AAC
(MP4A), M4A, WAV, WMA/WMA-PRO, AVI, MP4, H.264,
MKV 1080p, MPEG2/TS, MPG, WMV, and XVID.
Connection to
parking sensors
The CAN data of the OE installed park distance sensors in
the vehicle are read by the ZENEC OPS (Optical Parking
System). The OPS screen of the parking aid is personalized
to the target vehicle. In OPS mode a up to 360° ”aroundthe-vehicle” view is displayed on the TFT screen of the
Z-E2026 (lateral sensor data and 360° view depend on
vehicle model and model year).
Connection to the
Multifunction Display (MFD+)
E>GO is a perfect fit – visually and technically: ZENEC‘s
Z-E2026 also supports the Multifunction Display (MFD+),
that is connected to the CAN bus. Displayed are turn
key arrows, as well as radio station and track infos from
all audio sources.

Model Type Model Year
VW Amarok 2H as of 2010
VW Beetle Cabrio 5C as of 2012
VW Beetle Coupé 5C as of 2011
VW Caddy 2K/2C 2003 – 2015
VW Caddy SA as of 2015
VW CC 35 as of 2012
VW EOS 1F as of 2006
VW Golf V 1K 2003 – 2008
VW Golf V Variant 1K 2007 – 2009
VW Golf VI 5K 2008 – 2012
VW Golf VI Variant AJ 2009 – 2013
VW Golf Cabrio 51 2011 – 2015
VW Golf Plus 5M/52 as of 2005
VW Jetta 1K/16 as of 2005
VW Passat 3C/36 2005 – 2014
VW Passat Alltrack 36 2012 – 2014
VW Passat CC 35 2008 – 2012
VW Passat Variant 3C/36 2005 – 2014
VW Polo 6R 2010 – 2014
VW Scirocco III 13 as of 2008
VW Sharan 7N as of 2010
VW Tiguan 5N 2007 – 2016
VW Touran 1T 2003 – 2015
VW T5 7E/7J 2010 – 2015
VW T6 SG/SF as of 2015
SEAT Alhambra 71 as of 2010
SEAT Altea 5P as of 2004
SEAT Altea Freetrack 5P as of 2007
SEAT Altea XL 5P as of 2006
SEAT Leon 1P 2005 – 2012
SEAT Toledo 5P 2004 – 2009
SEAT Toledo KG 2012 – 2015
SKODA Octavia II 1Z 2009 – 2013
SKODA Octavia II Combi 1Z 2009 – 2013
SKODA Octavia II Scout 1Z 2009 – 2013
SKODA Rapid NH as of 2013
SKODA Rapid Spaceback NH as of 2013
SKODA Superb II 3T 2008 – 2015
SKODA Superb II Combi 3T 2008 – 2015
SKODA Yeti 5L as of 2009

Run a check if the physical shape of OE radio front panel and Z-E2026 are compatible. • The Z-E2026 is designed for vehicles with a phase diversity antenna system. If your car deploys another type of antenna, you should first upgrade to a phase diversity antenna system.

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