Alpine BT50-AHU-507A 7 Inch replacement system suitable for Mazda BT50 (Factory Audio installation)

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Introducing Alpine's Hi-Res 7" Display Audio Head Unit Solution, a groundbreaking multimedia system designed for BT-50 enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in-car experience. The iLX-507A showcases a breathtaking high-definition WXGA display with 2.7 million individual pixel elements, delivering lifelike images and vibrant colors to the dashboard, setting a new standard in visual entertainment.

Immerse yourself in the incredible visual entertainment experience provided by the WXGA high-resolution display with 2.7 million individual pixel elements. With HDMI sources or USB video, witness stunning high-definition content that brings movies, videos, and graphics to life on the screen.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, allowing seamless integration of your smartphone. Make calls, send and receive messages, stream high-resolution music, access maps, and use navigation apps, all effortlessly controlled via the display or voice commands.

Experience Hi-Res Audio with LDAC wireless technology, delivering superb audio fidelity for your favorite high-resolution audio tracks from USB or streaming services via your smartphone. The iLX-507A meets Hi-Res Audio specifications, ensuring your music is reproduced with clarity and authenticity, just as the artist intended.

Witness a world-first innovation with the iLX-507A's powerful built-in Class-D amplifier, capable of reproducing the richness and acoustic nuances of any music style and live performances through any loudspeaker.

Elevate your audio experience further with built-in sound tuning, offering one-touch audio adjustments to suit your preferences. In advanced tuning mode, explore a range of functions, including a 56-band parametric EQ, digital crossover, and time-correction, enabling you to fine-tune the system like a professional.

The iLX-507A sets a new benchmark in the 7" multimedia head unit category, delivering unmatched performance and value with its high-specification audio, visual prowess, and wireless connectivity.

The product also includes features like steering wheel control retention, reverse camera retention, and an HDMI & USB input panel designed specifically for BT-50 vehicles, making it easier than ever to connect and enjoy content from various devices on the high-resolution screen.

Alpine's WXGA high-definition display is a visual marvel, offering intensely vibrant colors, ultra-smooth video motion, and razor-sharp image detail. With its high-resolution display technology, brightness, and contrast reach new levels, ensuring clarity and true-to-life colors regardless of lighting conditions or viewing angles.

Seamless wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto brings the convenience of accessing Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music directly from your smartphone to the dashboard without any physical connections.

Experience a cinematic navigation experience with highly accurate navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic, providing turn-by-turn guidance and voice prompts through the Alpine WXGA high-definition display.

Enjoy the world's music library with access to millions of tracks and episodes from Spotify. With Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, listen to the latest songs, explore playlists, and discover music effortlessly.

Experience the astonishing detail and musical beauty of Hi-Res Audio with the iLX-507A. Supporting high-resolution audio files up to 192kHz/24Bit, it delivers a listening experience with stunning clarity and authenticity.

Connect your devices with ease using the HDMI connectivity, enabling high-definition audio and video playback through the 9" display for limitless entertainment.

Enjoy the convenience and safety of hands-free phone calls and audio streaming with the built-in Bluetooth feature. Voice control is also available through the external microphone included with the unit.

The iLX-507A is CAN-UART compatible, allowing connection to a vehicle-specific interface for displaying climate information, park assist, and steering wheel controls.

With dual camera input, the iLX-507A lets you add a reverse camera and either front or side camera directly to the unit. Toggle between these cameras on the screen for a comprehensive view of potential obstacles around your vehicle.

Unleash the full potential of your BT-50 with Alpine's iLX-507A, a cutting-edge multimedia head unit that brings together high-resolution visuals, exceptional audio performance, and wireless connectivity in one powerful package.

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