Alpine Premium Audio Visual Upgrade with UHF to Suit Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser

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Alpine Premium Audio Visual Upgrade with UHF to Suit Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser

Kit Includes I905LC70 + LC70R269P + XTRAK80PRO4X4 Total RRP $5917

Alpine I905-LC70 Multimedia headunit replacement solution to suit LandCruiser 70 Series
Alpine's brand-new i905-LC70 has been built with cutting-edge design to elevate the in-cabin appeal for all 70 Series lovers who desire the ultimate in-car experience. The high definition WXGA 9" display serves as a magnificent new focal point for the inside, blending in flawlessly and showing design characteristics consistent with the robust legacy of the 70 Series. Discover a masterpiece of industry-leading innovation that offers unrivalled quality and value for the ultimate off-road lifestyle in the twenty-first century.

There are countless entertainment and smartphone apps you may use in your dashboard thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (USB). Without a cable in sight, use apps for maps and navigation, send and receive messages, make calls, and listen to music.

With TIDAL now integrated, you can enjoy your favourite songs with more fidelity and upgrade your music streaming experience with wireless Hi-Res audio. For those who already have a sizable collection of Hi-Res audio files, up to 96kHz 24bit is also supported.

The i905-LC70 features a strong built-in Class-D amplifier, a world-first innovation, to provide the richness and dynamics of your music for the best possible sound quality.

Additionally, you may use simple one-touch audio changes to improve the sound quality in your cabin space thanks to Alpine's extensive built-in sound tuning, or a variety of complex tuning capabilities are available for pro-level users and enthusiasts.

The i905-LC70 is the new standard for all aficionados of the 70 Series, upgrading interior design in every manner while providing an amazing connectivity and multimedia experience with excellent audio quality.

Laminated High Definition Display

The astounding WXGA display from Alpine must be seen to be believed; the colours are incredibly vivid and realistic, the video motion is quite fluid, and the image quality is incredibly clear. Furthermore, the display's brightness and contrast are absolutely top-notch thanks to its laminated display technology, so regardless of the lighting or viewing angle, it shows astounding clarity and true-to-life colour. With its new WXGA high definition display from Alpine, your dashboard will feel just like a movie theatre.

Wireless Apple CarPlay or USB

Simply hop in the car, connect your iPhone wirelessly to Apple CarPlay, and start driving with no hassle or cords. You may use the display or voice control to play your favourite music, make and receive calls or messages, use maps or navigation apps, and more. If your iPhone needs to be charged, connect it to a USB port.

Google Auto

You can easily put the ever-expanding app selection into your car's dashboard thanks to Android Auto. You may use voice commands or the display to make calls, send and receive messages, run music apps, or select a location using Waze or Google Maps.

Navigation on a smartphone

You have access to and convenience of extremely precise navigation through the amazing Alpine WXGA high-definition display, significantly increasing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

With the many navigational platforms and applications available, like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic, you may easily search for and reach your destination. Turn-by-turn navigation will be vocal and visual instructions, and finding locations is simple with the help of the display or voice control.

Additionally, the integrated GPS/GLONASS circuit and antenna, along with the vehicle speed pulse sense connectivity, guarantee that your actual vehicle position is exact on the road. When driving through intricate and crowded city road networks, tunnels, bridges, elevated mountain roadways, and terrain, this keeps you on the path.

Tidal Integrated

Stream all of your favourite artists wirelessly in breathtaking master-quality resolution with TIDAL built-in. By giving you exclusive access to popular music and original content, you may develop a closer relationship with music producers. You can also store your favourite albums, tracks, or playlists to the preset menu for easy access. Additionally, MQA Studio playback guarantees complete audio authenticity, just how the artist recorded it. The modern audiophile needs TIDAL's wireless Hi-Res audio streaming since it has never been seen in automotive audio before.


With millions of tracks and episodes available on Spotify, you may access the entire world's musical collection. The Spotify app allows you to play the newest songs from your favourite artists, charts, and playlists whether using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Additionally, you can look through the collections of your friends, artists, famous people, and radio stations while sitting comfortably in the driver's seat. Thanks to the extra convenience of Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all of this can be done without a single physical connection.

Certified Hi-Res Audio with USB and Wireless Connectivity

With Hi-Res Audio's astounding detail and musical beauty, audiophiles and music lovers may finally experience true high-fidelity audio. With its intended playback standard of 96kHz/24Bit, FLAC, WAV, and APE high-resolution audio files can be played back on the i905-LC70 up to 192kHz/24Bit. This means that you no longer have to sacrifice your listening experience by being trapped in old audio formats that have been heavily compressed; instead, with Hi-Res, your music now comes alive with breathtaking clarity and every nuance revealed, exactly as the artist intended. The i905-LC70 will display the Hi-Res icon and file bit rate when playing Hi-Res Audio files.

Class-D amplifier built-in

The i905-LC70, a first for the industry, features Class-D amplifier technology with a whopping 50 x 4 Watts of power to produce the greatest dynamics and sound quality from high-resolution music. Class-D amplifiers have a reputation for being incredibly effective and able to reproduce exquisite high-end sound with a great deal less noise and phase shift. Additionally, brand-new, extremely high-end fans and internal heat sinks distribute and dissipate any extra heat, providing optimal temperature control and audio performance.

Knob for external control (RUE-BK01A sold separately)

For increased convenience, the Li905-LC70 can be wirelessly connected with the RUE-BK01A external control knob, which can be mounted on either side of the display (available separately). As an alternative, you can put the control knob wherever else in the car. For experts in bespoke installation, the mounting options are practically unlimited. Pushing the knob will cycle between the safety cameras in your car on the screen while rotating the knob will adjust the unit's volume output.

High-Tech Sound Tuning

The performance of Alpine sound is of the greatest calibre, and with advanced sound tuning, you have the power to customise your system to your vehicle's unique surroundings and fine-tune it to perfection.

It offers sound tuning for basic to complex high-end systems with several power amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. It also has a 56-band Parametric EQ in the advanced mode, a 2-way digital crossover, six channels of digital time correction, and different Bass Engine SQ and MediaXpander settings.

Apps for streaming audio

You can search among more than 60 million ad-free songs using genres, artists, podcasts, and specially curated playlists with Apple Music integrated into Apple CarPlay. Amazon Music and YouTube Music offer unrestricted entertainment to stream or download songs from a list of over 40 million ad-free tracks using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Paid subscriptions are available for Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

Multiple USB Connections

There is even more freedom thanks to the 2 back USB connections. While connected wirelessly, your smartphone can quickly charge via USB port 1. Your door to entertainment is USB Port 2, which enables cable connecting to your smartphone for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as audio and video playing via connection of a memory stick, portable drive, or SSD.

Internal Bluetooth

Mobile phones with built-in Bluetooth can connect wirelessly for the comfort and security of hands-free calling and audio streaming. Additionally, you can use voice control thanks to the built-in external microphone.

HDMI Compatibility

HDMI provides connectivity to a variety of devices, including smartphone mirroring, making high-definition audio and video playback through the 9" display feasible for nearly endless pleasure.

input from two cameras

The i905-LC70 gives users the option to immediately attach a rearward and either a front or side camera to the device. Directly from the camera screen, you may switch between various cameras, giving you a comprehensive picture of any potential hazards in your path.


Suitable for 76 and 79 Series LandCruiser R2-Series Premium Design Sound R2-Series Front and Rear Premium Speaker System

Turn up the bass in your 70 Series — the next Generation R-Series are born to be played loud with the all-new R-Series ‘direct fit’ premium aftermarket speaker upgrade. The premium sound system from Alpine has been designed to offer unbeatable endurance, stunning good appearance, and crystal-clear sound.

Equipped with Alpine’s huge R2-Series 6×9” speakers front and rear, experience punchy, concise bass as well as uncompromised sound performance and richness possible through Hi-Res Audio certification.

Not overlooked are convenience and comfort. The LC70-R269P has drink compartments up front that can accommodate everything from a 1.25-liter bottle to a 375ml can. There are also sizable pockets for holding books, tablets, and maps. 600ml drinks can also be carried in the back. For technological requirements, there are USB charging connections on the front and back that can simultaneously charge up to 4 devices. Additionally illuminating the road are built-in puddle lights, which facilitate vehicle exits in unfamiliar circumstances.

Each component, which is made of injection-molded, extremely resistant PC/ABS polymers, is incredibly strong and designed to survive practically anything life throws at it. The LC70-R269P's elegant yet robust design boosts the interior look while paying homage to the vehicle's untamed past.

The improved LC70-R269P is the height of Hi-Fi sound quality, design, and usability. A necessary component of the ideal off-road lifestyle of the twenty-first century.

Optimal Integration

The complete audiophile and lifestyle update from Alpine is the LC70 Series (Dual Cab) model's superior sound system. The enormous 69-inch R2-Series speakers in the front and back deliver excellent sound quality as well as clear, precise bass delivery. The LC70-R269P from Alpine is a factory-looking product for the twenty-first century that blends tough appearance with subtle design cues from the car itself.

Luminize the outside

Refrain from getting dirty in the mud. The puddle light from Alpine is made for all of your outdoor pursuits; it illuminates the ground below and attracts attention at night. You won't ever have to be concerned about dirty puddles again because the ground will be stylishly lit up.

Exceptionally Strong Grille

These flush-fit integrated speaker grilles have been built with outstanding durability and abrasion resistance using an uncompromised PC/ABS polymer combination. Each door has a high-gloss black Alpine logo adorning the grille, creating a stunning contrast and high-end appearance.

Multiple USB Charging Ports

Up to 4 devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, can be charged simultaneously using the on-board USB ports that are tucked away but still aesthetically integrated into the speaker pod design. Each door, including the front driver door, front passenger door, rear passenger left and right door, now has a convenient USB charging station.

Tweeter Housing with Premium Design

The 70 Series LandCruiser has never looked better. The tweeter housing's striking design replaces the OEM dash trim panels in the upper dash corners, allowing for seamless OEM-style integration. The sound image is up high where it should be with the tweeters on the dashboard, and it sounds fantastic overall.

Keep your life close to you.

Numerous practical necessities are integrated into Alpine's LC70 Series design. It was carefully planned to hold both big bottles and small cans, as well as maps, tablets, and just about anything else that would fit. The 70 Series speaker system from Alpine is prepared for your upcoming journey.

Additional Magnet Structure

For amazing bass, the new R-Series speakers have a bigger magnet construction. While performance has improved, the driver depth has remained constant from the previous generation to maintain installation flexibility.

Cone with Reinforced Glass Fiber

The brand-new glass-fibre reinforced cone is found on the high-performance midrange and woofer drivers. Due to its excellent rigidity and small weight, this material produces cone velocities and response times that are extraordinarily quick and give highly accurate sound reproduction.

Specialty HAMR Surround

High SPL is made possible by Alpine's High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround, which offers a larger maximum and linear cone excursion. For powerful bass and clear sound, the HAMR surround retains complete control over the cone at any excursion stage.

Network for High-Pass X-Over

Small X-Over networks like this one are incredibly quick and simple to instal; in many cases, you can preserve the original wiring in the doors of the car by just installing the network, saving a lot of time. The tweeter level can be changed by -3dB, 0dB, or +3dB.

Uniden XTRAK80 PRO 4X4 Smart UHF Radio with Large OLED Display and Location Sharing

Introducing the Latest in UHF Communication with the New Flagship in the Uniden Range - The XTRAK 80 Pro. This Smart UHF Radio is the pinnacle of UHF communications, brought to you by the world leaders in wireless communication, Uniden.

What sets the XTRAK 80 Pro apart is its advanced location sharing capabilities. With the XTRAK Bluetooth App, you can track the location of your radio and share it with friends or colleagues, whether they are in another vehicle with the XTRAK 80 Pro or on foot with the XTRAK 50 Pro handheld radio. Stay connected and establish your exact position, as Uniden's location tracking works seamlessly between the in-vehicle and handheld radios.

The XTRAK 80 Pro features a large, high contrast anti-glare OLED display and a backlit keypad, ensuring clear and easy readability in all lighting conditions. Its powerful integrated 2-Watt speakers and 4-level voice enhancer provide maximum sound clarity even in noisy environments. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the XTRAK 80 Pro to your car audio speakers for enhanced audio performance.

Uniden's innovative one-touch instant replay feature allows you to record and replay up to 6 minutes of recently received communications, so you never miss any important transmissions. The Smart Key enables quick toggling between instant channel, call tone, or equalizer settings. And the magnetic mount provides quick, easy, and secure holding for your speaker microphone.

Pairing with the Bluetooth XTRAK App, available for iOS and Android, is simple and unlocks advanced positional tracking and location sharing features. Manage settings controls, Selcall* contacts, extra receive channels, and send in-App text messages, all in one app for seamless control of your XTRAK 80 Pro.

Built with Uniden's renowned reliability and experience in UHF communications, the XTRAK 80 Pro is ideal for professionals who need to stay connected with the outside world. With its top-of-the-line components, engineering, and styling, the XTRAK 80 Pro is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.

The XTRAK 80 Pro 4x4 Pack also includes the ATX970BKS heavy-duty antenna, designed for all-round use, flat terrain, town, and country driving. With a ground-independent 3.0 dBi gain whip, high-quality radome, aluminium ferrule, and stainless steel spring, the ATX970BKS is built to withstand tough conditions and off-road environments, making it the perfect companion for your vehicle.

Stay connected and stay ahead with the XTRAK 80 Pro 4x4 Pack from Uniden - the ultimate UHF communication solution for serious off-roaders and professionals alike.


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