Alpine PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel EV-Series High-Resolution Audio Processor Amplifier

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Introducing the PXE-X121-12EV, a pinnacle of automotive audio excellence, proudly part of our esteemed Digital Precision Series, meticulously crafted exclusively for Tesla owners. The cutting-edge EV-Series stands as the most comprehensive audio solution tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles, delivering robust and precise sound that harmonizes flawlessly with your music, enriching every note and beat. Explore our range of system configurations available in three distinct tiers, allowing you to create a system that perfectly resonates with your auditory preferences.

Beneath its sleek and compact exterior lies state-of-the-art DSP technology with an all-digital architecture, effortlessly delivering up to 850Watts into 12 channels of pure audio while minimizing power consumption. Additionally, the PXE-X121-12EV boasts a durable construction ensuring unparalleled longevity and resilience. Crafted with premium materials and superior build quality, it remains the top choice for those who demand nothing short of perfection from their car audio systems.

Thoughtfully designed to complement your Tesla's modern interior, the PXE-X121-12EV exhibits the signature sleek and premium design of the DP-Series. Its discreet presence seamlessly integrates with your car's aesthetics, elevating the overall ambiance while delivering exceptional audio performance. Bid farewell to cluttered installations and welcome a seamless, integrated audio upgrade that enhances your driving experience.

Installing the PXE-X121-12EV is a breeze. Utilizing a vehicle-specific connection harness (sold separately), you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process into your Tesla without the need for vehicle modification, wire cutting, or soldering. Moreover, due to the versatility of the PXE-X121-12EV, it can also be installed into virtually any vehicle, allowing you to take advantage of its extensive audio processing and amplification capabilities. Whether you're a car audio enthusiast or simply seeking to enhance your driving pleasure, the EV-Series stands as the ultimate choice for those who demand unmatched performance and premium quality.

Elevate your Tesla to unprecedented sonic heights with the Alpine EV-Series today and immerse yourself in the ultimate auditory adventure.

The Evolution of Sound

Embrace the future of high-end audio for EVs with our innovative solutions.

Tesla Model 3

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the most comprehensive high-end audio system available for Tesla. Powered by two DSP amplifiers, this system delivers authoritative sound to the entire speaker system and 10-inch subwoofer. The extensive DSP capabilities allow precise optimization of cabin acoustics, delivering an atmospheric three-dimensional sound experience that engages every sense.

Tesla Model Y

Crafted for discerning audiophiles who demand the best in audio quality, this system unleashes the signal processing power of two DSP amplifiers for precise control of the soundstage, powering the entire speaker system and stealthy 10-inch subwoofer. Transform every note into an electrifying symphony, reshaping the landscape of audio excellence with an immersive three-dimensional auditory experience.

Hi-Res Audio Certified

The PXE-X121-12EV is Hi-Res Audio Certified, reproducing frequencies from 20Hz to 40kHz. This ultra-wide bandwidth elevates your music to a new level of clarity and nuance, capturing the original studio recording with astonishing detail.

Easy Integration with Tesla Sound Systems

Boasting premium finishes and a unique design, the PXE-X121-12EV is the centerpiece of complete audio upgrades for Tesla vehicles. Compatible with Model 3 and Model Y, direct-fit harnesses (sold separately) ensure hassle-free, high-quality installations without vehicle modification. With vast compatibility options, the PXE-X121-12EV seamlessly integrates into both OEM and aftermarket systems, providing a quick, effortless audio upgrade to your Tesla.

Convenient Customization
Designed for user convenience, the PXE-X121-12EV allows quick and easy configuration of parameters such as equalization curves, phase and gain levels, time delays, and crossover points using the companion mobile app or PC software, providing ultimate control over sound customization.

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