MB Quart MBQPS1216 6.5Inch Premium 2-Way component speakers with 1 Inch Magnesium WideSphere Technology Tweeters

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Introducing our exceptional audio masterpiece, meticulously designed to elevate your auditory experience to new dimensions.

Tweeters: At the core of this system lies the 1" magnesium dome tweeter, meticulously crafted for extraordinary musical reproduction of high frequencies. Through groundbreaking design, these tweeters establish an off-axis dispersion pattern, conjuring an expansive sound stage that brings the resonance of a live concert to your car.

Cone Material: Unveil the auditory wonders of our lightweight aerated pop paper cone, meticulously infused with a Mica blend for unrivaled strength and superior bass frequency reproduction. This design innovation bolsters both structural integrity and unparalleled bass frequency performance. As a result, midrange and bass frequencies remain exceptionally harmonious, devoid of distortions that often arise from cone flexing. The meticulously engineered curvilinear geometry optimally accentuates upper band midrange response, a pivotal element for frequencies that define the essence of vocals, piano, guitar, and percussion.

Surround / Cone Coupling: Harnessing the power of high-temperature adhesives, our coupling technology ensures an unbreakable bond between the cone and the surround. These adhesives, resilient even in extreme cold, safeguard the integrity of this vital connection.

Gasket: Molded Polymer Sealing gaskets are expertly incorporated to isolate the speaker from the mounting surface, providing heightened protection against water and dust incursion.

Voice Coil / Former Assembly: Crafted for excellence, our high-temperature imported wire on Kapton former unveils a lightweight form that lends support for slightly elevated frequency extension and efficiency, exceeding the capabilities of standard speakers.

Spider: A meticulously woven fiber cotton poly blend spider, adorned in bold red, masterfully stabilizes both the cone and voice coil across an array of musical situations.

Cooling System: Through a pioneering venting mechanism, our design enables the passage of air across the spider and speaker frame ribs, ensuring efficient cooling for prolonged performance. In the case of the tweeters, the integration of Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology further enhances thermal stability.

External Component Crossover: Immerse yourself in premium audio with our external audiophile crossover network, a hallmark of our component (2-way) designs. Meticulously engineered, this network expertly guides frequencies from the amplifier to each driver (speaker). The utilization of precision components with "low loss" Polypropylene Film caps and air wound coils ensures an impeccable sound quality. This network employs passive Cauer topology Butterworth filter crossovers, creating a seamless transition of frequencies from midrange/mid-bass to the tweeter element. Housed within a compact crossover unit, this system remains effortlessly concealed during installation.

Tweeter Hardware: Experience unparalleled flexibility with our tunable waveguide, complemented by a removable phase lens, along with supplementary mounting hardware catering to both surface and flush tweeter installations.

Frame: Our aerospace-grade PA66 composite frame, enriched with a 30% glass fiber infusion, guarantees a harmonious tone devoid of any harmonic distortions.

Connectors: Crafted with enduring quality, our stainless steel, push and insert connectors defy corrosion while ensuring an unparalleled electrical connection.

Grills: A finishing touch that both safeguards and showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of our product.

Rediscover sound – explore our creation and revolutionize your auditory perception.

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