MB Quart MBQRA17105 5 Channel amplifier

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Introducing the RA1-710.5 Reference 700 Watt Amplifier, a pinnacle of audio prowess that reshapes your sonic landscape. Immerse yourself in an auditory world enriched by this 5-channel powerhouse, delivering an impressive 700 Watts of commanding performance. The RA1-710.5 Reference Amplifier stands as a testament to innovative design and sonic excellence, poised to elevate your audio journey to extraordinary heights.


Crafted to Perfection:

- **Low Noise Preamplifier Circuit:** Elevate your auditory experience with the Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage, where maximum low voltage signal enters the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion, ensuring pristine sound quality.
- **RCA Inputs:** Crafted with nickel-plated, high-temperature impact-resistant hex screw terminals that not only enable secure connections but also exhibit resistance to erosion.

Precision Control and Flexibility:

- **High Level Inputs:** Unlock the potential of the Auto-Sense Feature.
- **Operation Mode:** Choose between 2, 4, or 5 channel operation, tailoring your audio setup to your desires.
- **Variable Electronic Crossovers:** Exercise precise control over sound with these variable electronic crossovers, empowering you to sculpt your audio experience.

Unveiling Unrivaled Sonic Fidelity:

- **Electronic Equalizer:** Harness the power of the on-board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers, optimizing output. Specific frequencies can be found in the amplifier's specifications.
- **Class / Topology:** Experience the innovative synergy of Class SQ (Class D) for full range and a Class Q1 (Class-D) amplifier, dedicated to driving subwoofer frequencies.
- **Output Device Technology:** Unveil the sonic potential of FLUID-FETS, our meticulously selected output devices. FLUID-FETS mirror the sound quality of top-tier home amplifiers while delivering power efficiently.

Built for Performance and Endurance:

- **Heat Sink:** The aluminum heat sink efficiently dissipates heat, allowing the amplifier to operate at lower impedance for prolonged durations.
- **Power Supply:** Embrace the might of the rugged MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation power supply, efficiently generating power without straining the vehicle's electrical system.
- **Output Connections:** These robust connections ensure secure electrical signal transmission, resisting erosion and enhancing amplifier durability.

Seamless Connectivity and Operation:

- **Connection Type:** Count on secure connections for power, ground, and speaker connections, ensuring consistent audio performance.
- **Bass Remote Included:** The wired Bass Remote, thoughtfully included, allows you to adjust bass frequencies conveniently from anywhere within your vehicle.

Enhance your audio odyssey with the RA1-710.5 Reference 700 Watt Amplifier – a fusion of power, innovation, and sonic precision that transforms your music into an immersive experience like never before.

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