MB Quart MBQRK1116 6.5 Inch Reference Coaxial 2-Way speakers

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Discover the extraordinary sonic prowess of the RK1-116 Reference 6.5 Inch Speakers – a masterpiece engineered to redefine your in-car audio journey. With a commanding 200 Watts power output, this 6.5" Reference 2-Way Coaxial Speaker System is meticulously designed to immerse you in an audio experience of unparalleled depth and clarity. This package includes stylish grills for a seamless enhancement of both your audio quality and your vehicle's aesthetic appeal.

At the core of these speakers, you'll find .75” titanium dome tweeters harnessing the power of WideSphere™ Technology, perfecting the musical reproduction of high frequencies. The groundbreaking tweeter design masterfully crafts an off-axis dispersion pattern, expanding the auditory canvas and summoning a captivating soundstage that brings the essence of a live concert into your vehicle.

Crafted with unwavering precision, the speaker boasts a Lightweight Curvilinear craft pulp with bamboo fiber cone, an engineering marvel that fuses strength and unparalleled bass frequency reproduction. This innovative design preserves the musical integrity of midrange and bass frequencies, untouched by distortions that can stem from cone flexing. The curvilinear geometry is meticulously fine-tuned for optimum upper band midrange response, vital for frequencies that shape the timbre of vocals, piano, guitar, and percussion.

The coupling between the cone and surround is fortified through high-temperature adhesives, steadfastly uniting these elements even under the harshest conditions. Molded Polymer Sealing gaskets act as sentinels, isolating the speaker from the mounting surface and enhancing protection against the ingress of water and dust.

The voice coil and former assembly boast high-temperature imported wire on a Kapton former, a lightweight configuration that opens the door to extended frequency response and heightened efficiency. A red woven fiber cotton poly blend spider acts as a steadfast anchor, ensuring unwavering stability for both cone and voice coil across a spectrum of musical scenarios.

An intelligent cooling system, facilitated by strategic venting, facilitates air passage through the spider and speaker frame ribs, effectively dissipating heat from the voice coil. The built-in audiophile crossover guides frequencies with precision, weaving a symphony of sound quality through meticulously chosen components.

The aerospace-grade PA66 composite frame, infused with 30% glass fiber, guarantees a harmonic distortion-free soundscape, preserving the true tonal purity of the speaker. The package is crowned with the inclusion of sleek grills, a testament to thoughtful design that marries protection with elegance.

Elevating innovation, craftsmanship, and precision engineering, the RK1-116 Reference 6.5 Inch Speakers stand as your portal to an auditory voyage, promising an unadulterated blend of power, clarity, and sophistication that will redefine your automotive audio experience.

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