Alpine NAVARA-F509-DXRX Inch replacement system to suit Nissan Navara NP300 DX/RX

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Introducing Alpine's cutting-edge iLX-F509A, a premium 9" multimedia infotainment system designed to seamlessly integrate into your Navara dashboard with a sleek and professional finish. Packed with class-leading innovations, this impressive unit houses a stunning ultra-high-quality WXGA centrepiece display, Hi-Res Audio specifications, and advanced wireless connectivity.

Prepare to be captivated by the ultimate visual entertainment experience through the WXGA 9" high-resolution display boasting an astounding 2.7 million pixel elements. The iLX-F509A delivers razor-sharp images and vibrant colors, providing an extraordinary display of HDMI sources or USB video in stunning high-definition.

Stay connected and entertained with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering a wide array of smartphone features directly accessible on the dashboard. Effortlessly get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy high-resolution streaming music—all at your command through the intuitive display or voice control.

Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio fidelity with Hi-Res Audio and LDAC wireless technology. Whether playing high-resolution audio tracks via USB or streaming music services through your smartphone, the iLX-F509A ensures the music is reproduced with exceptional clarity and authenticity, just as the artist intended.

Breaking new ground, the iLX-F509A features the world's first built-in Class-D amplifier, revolutionizing head unit power to deliver the richness and acoustic crescendos of virtually any music style and live performances through any loudspeaker.

With its magnificent centrepiece design, unparalleled audio performance, and top-notch technology, Alpine's iLX-F509A sets the standard for audiophiles seeking the ultimate infotainment system.

*Note: The iLX-F509A is not compatible with factory AC/AA models.

Key Features:

1. Steering Wheel Controls: Maintain control of your factory steering wheel audio functions and answer calls with ease, thanks to Alpine's built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Rear Camera Option: Enhance safety during reverse maneuvers with the optional rear-view camera, automatically engaging and muting audio to ensure full concentration.

3. High-Definition Laminated Display: Experience Alpine's incredible WXGA display, with intensely vibrant colors, ultra-smooth video motion, and razor-sharp image detail. The laminated display technology elevates brightness and contrast, ensuring incredible clarity and true-to-life color from any viewing angle.

4. Apple CarPlay Wireless or USB: Embrace a wire-free driving experience with wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity. Enjoy music apps, calls, messages, maps, and navigation at your fingertips through the display or voice control. When needed, plug in your iPhone via USB to charge up.

5. Android Auto Wireless or USB: Seamlessly integrate Android Auto's wide array of applications into your car's dashboard. Use touch or voice commands to make calls, send messages, play music apps, and more. Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity or use the USB port to charge on the go.

6. Smartphone Navigation: Utilize the incredible Alpine WXGA high-definition display for highly accurate navigation, enhancing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto experience.

7. Spotify: Access an extensive music library with millions of tracks and episodes on Spotify. When using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the Spotify app, enjoy the latest songs, favorite artists, charts, playlists, and more—all without any physical connections, thanks to Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

8. Audio Streaming Apps: Immerse yourself in a vast musical landscape with Apple Music onboard for Apple CarPlay, offering access to 60+ million ad-free songs across genres, artists, podcasts, and expertly crafted playlists. Additionally, use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to enjoy Amazon Music and YouTube Music's catalog of over 40 million ad-free tracks (subscriptions required).

9. Tidal Built-In: Indulge in wireless, master-quality streaming from your favorite artists with TIDAL's exclusive access to high-profile music and original content. Experience an intimate connection with music creators through intuitive playlist curation and the ability to save favorite albums, tracks, or playlists to the preset menu. TIDAL's wireless Hi-Res audio streaming is a groundbreaking feature for modern audiophiles.

10. Built-in Class-D Amplifier: Embark on a new era of sound quality with the industry's first built-in Class-D amplifier in the iLX-F509A. This technology delivers a massive 50 x 4 Watts of power, ensuring the best sound quality and dynamics for high-resolution music. Class-D amplifiers are renowned for their high efficiency and beautiful high-end sound reproduction, with reduced noise and phase shift. The iLX-F509A also incorporates new ultra-high-spec fans and internal heat sinks to direct and dissipate any unwanted heat, ensuring optimum temperature control and audio performance.

11. External Control Knob (RUE-BK01A sold separately): Enhance convenience with the optional external control knob that wirelessly connects to the iLX-F509A. Install it on either side of the display or anywhere else within the vehicle for limitless mounting possibilities. Use the knob to adjust the unit volume output and cycle through your vehicle's safety cameras on the screen.

12. Advanced Sound Tuning: Alpine's commitment to sound quality performance shines with advanced sound tuning features that empower you to fine-tune your system to perfection. The 56-band Parametric EQ in the advanced mode, 2-way digital crossover, 6-channel digital time correction, Bass Engine SQ, and MediaXpander settings offer unparalleled sound tuning for both simple and comprehensive high-end systems with multiple power amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers.

13. 2x USB Connections: Benefit from flexibility with 2 rear USB ports. Use USB port 1 for fast charging of your smartphone while utilizing wireless connectivity. Meanwhile, USB Port 2 serves as your entertainment gateway, allowing audio and video playback by connecting a memory stick, portable drive, or SSD. You can also use this port for wired connectivity to your smartphone for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

14. DAB+ Digital Radio: Enjoy a wide range of quality digital-only stations searchable by station name and genres with DAB+. This feature offers various music eras, types, and talkback stations. DAB+ ensures clearer sound and improved reception, providing a noise-free, crystal-clear radio listening experience.

15. Hi-Res Audio Certified with USB and Wireless Connectivity: Music enthusiasts and audiophiles can revel in the true high-fidelity audio experience provided by Hi-Res Audio. The iLX-F509A supports up to 192kHz/24Bit FLAC/WAV and APE high-resolution audio files, maintaining their intended playback specification of 96kHz/24Bit. Say goodbye to the compromises of highly-compressed traditional audio formats—Hi-Res Audio brings your music to life with stunning clarity, revealing every nuance, just as the artist intended. When playing Hi-Res Audio files, the iLX-F509A displays the Hi-Res icon and file bit rate.

Even more impressively, the iLX-F509A boasts Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC technology, allowing you to connect your smartphone via USB or wirelessly to indulge in Hi-Res Audio streaming services or apps. This innovation brings a virtually limitless music library with pure, high-quality sound right into your car.

16. HDMI Connectivity: Experience versatility with HDMI connectivity, enabling connections to various devices, including smartphone mirroring. Enjoy high-definition audio and video playback on the 9" display, offering virtually limitless

entertainment options.

17. Built-In Bluetooth: Benefit from built-in Bluetooth for wireless connections to your mobile phone, providing convenient and safe hands-free phone and audio streaming. The unit also includes an external microphone for voice control.

18. CAN-UART Compatibility: The iLX-F509A features CAN-UART compatibility, enabling connection to a vehicle-specific interface for displaying climate information, park assist, and steering wheel controls. It can also send system information to vehicle sub-displays. Check with your Alpine Dealer for compatible vehicles and interfaces.

19. Dual Camera Input: Enhance safety with the dual camera input feature, enabling you to add a reverse camera and either a front or side camera directly to the unit. Easily toggle between these cameras from the camera screen to gain a wide view of potential obstacles around your vehicle.

20. Precisely Adjustable Display Angle: Enjoy installation flexibility by setting the display angle anywhere between +45 degrees to -20 degrees, specifically suiting your dashboard and preferred viewing position. Adjust the angle on the fly to mitigate glare in certain conditions.

21. Adjustable Display Height: Position the display in your dashboard for optimal aesthetics and functionality. The iLX-F509A offers +/- 3cm height adjustment above or below the center position, accommodating installation into virtually any dashboard with a 1 or 2 DIN slot. Additionally, you can adjust the distance of the display to your dash with a 20mm range.

22. 1-DIN Blanking Plates for 2-DIN Installation (Optional): Achieve a professional finish for any 2-DIN installation with the optional KAE-1DT or KAE-1DB blanking plates. These plates fill the void of the 1-DIN space either at the top or underneath when using a conventional 2-DIN dash fascia installation kit.

23. 1-DIN Blanking Plate Fitment (Optional): Securely fit the optional KAE-1DT or KAE-1DB blanking plates to either the top or bottom of the iLX-F509A chassis, ensuring the space is filled regardless of whether the unit is installed higher or lower in the dash. The blanking plates are secured by machine thread screws, simplifying installation and ensuring robustness.

The Alpine iLX-F509A is the ultimate infotainment system, fusing audio excellence, sleek design, and advanced technology into a centrepiece that elevates your driving experience to new heights. Upgrade your car's dashboard with this must-have innovation for all audiophiles.

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