Alpine NAVARA-F511A-DXRX 11 Inch replacement system to suit Nissan Navara NP300 DX/RX

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Experience the pinnacle of innovation with Alpine's iLX-F511A, an 11" multimedia infotainment system designed to seamlessly integrate into your Navara dashboard with a premium and professional finish. This cutting-edge unit combines functionality with interior aesthetic, boasting an ultra-high-quality WXGA centrepiece display with Hi-Res Audio specifications and advanced wireless connectivity.

The WXGA 11" high-resolution display delivers the ultimate visual entertainment, showcasing 2.7 million pixel elements for the deepest blacks, richest colors, and realistic picture quality from USB or HDMI sources. This display is the cornerstone of an unparalleled viewing experience.

Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the iLX-F511A provides a wide range of smartphone features and entertainment directly on the dashboard. Easily get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy high-resolution streaming music, all through the intuitive display or voice control.

Immerse yourself in superb audio fidelity with Hi-Res Audio and LDAC wireless technology. Whether playing high-resolution audio tracks via USB or streaming music services through your smartphone, the iLX-F511A ensures that the music is reproduced with utmost clarity and authenticity, just as the artist intended.

Witness the world's first built-in Class-D amplifier, revolutionizing head unit power by delivering the richness and acoustic crescendos of any music style through any loudspeaker. The iLX-F511A sets a new standard for audiophiles, combining remarkable audio performance, a magnificent centrepiece design, and top-notch technology.

Key Features:

1. Steering Wheel Controls: Take command of your factory steering wheel audio controls and answer calls with Alpine's built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Rear Camera Option: Opt for the optional rear-view camera, engaging automatically when reversing to ensure safe maneuvering.

3. High-Definition Laminated Display: Alpine's incredible WXGA display boasts vibrant colors, smooth video motion, and razor-sharp image detail. The laminated display technology enhances brightness and contrast, guaranteeing clarity and true-to-life color from any angle.

4. Apple CarPlay Wireless or USB: Enjoy a wireless connection to Apple CarPlay, allowing you to listen to music, make calls, and access maps and navigation apps via voice control or the display. If you need to charge your iPhone, plug it in via USB.

5. Android Auto Wireless or USB: Benefit from Android Auto's convenience, bringing a wide array of applications to your car's dashboard. Interact with touch or voice commands to make calls, send messages, and use music apps, either wirelessly or via USB.

6. Smartphone Navigation: Enhance your Apple CarPlay and Android Auto experience with highly accurate navigation. Access various navigation platforms like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic, with voice and visual prompts for turn-by-turn directions.

7. Spotify: Access millions of tracks and episodes on Spotify through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, including the latest songs from your favorite artists, playlists, and celebrity collections—all wirelessly.

8. Audio Streaming Apps: Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music offer limitless entertainment through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (subscriptions required).

9. Tidal Built-In: Stream your favorite artists in master-quality definition with TIDAL's wireless Hi-Res audio streaming, enjoying exclusive content and precise audio authenticity.

10. Built-in Class-D Amplifier: The iLX-F511A's Class-D amplifier produces a massive 50 x 4 Watts of power, delivering outstanding sound quality and dynamics for high-resolution music.

11. External Control Knob (RUE-BK01A sold separately): Enhance convenience with the external control knob, wirelessly connected to the iLX-F511A. Adjust the volume and cycle through safety cameras with ease.

12. Advanced Sound Tuning: Fine-tune your audio system to perfection with the 56-band Parametric EQ, 2-way digital crossover, 6-channel digital time correction, Bass Engine SQ, and MediaXpander settings.

13. 2x USB Connections: Enjoy flexible connectivity with 2 rear USB ports. Fast charge your smartphone while using wireless connectivity in USB Port 1, or access audio and video playback through USB Port 2.

14. DAB+ Digital Radio: Explore quality digital-only stations with DAB+, offering a variety of music eras, talkback stations, and clearer sound reception.

15. Hi-Res Audio Certified with USB and Wireless Connectivity: Delight in the astonishing detail and musical beauty of Hi-Res Audio with supported high-resolution audio files, ensuring a superior listening experience.

16. HDMI Connectivity: Connect various devices for high-definition audio and video playback on the 11" display, expanding your entertainment options.

17. Built-In Bluetooth: Wirelessly connect your mobile phone for hands-free calls and audio streaming, utilizing voice control through the external microphone.

18. CAN-UART Compatibility: Connect to a vehicle-specific interface for climate information, park assist, steering wheel controls, and system information display (check for compatible vehicles and interfaces).

19. Dual Camera Input: Add a reverse camera and either a front or side camera to the unit, providing a wide view for safe maneuvering.

20. Precisely Adjustable Display Angle: Customize the display angle from +45 degrees to -20 degrees for optimal viewing, reducing glare in certain conditions.

21. Adjustable Display Height: Adjust the display height +/- 3cm above or below the center position for installation flexibility in any dashboard with a 1 or 2 DIN slot.

22. 1-DIN Blanking Plates for 2-DIN Installation (Optional): Complete your 2-DIN installation with a professional finish using the KAE-1DT or KAE-1DB blanking plates (optional).

23. 1-DIN Blanking Plate Fitment (Optional): Securely fit the KAE-1DT or KAE-1DB blanking plates at the top or bottom of the iLX-F511A chassis, filling the space regardless of installation height.

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