Alpine HDZ-65 Status Hi-Res 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

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Alpine HDZ-65 Hi-Res 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

The Alpine Status Sound System: A High-Resolution Audio Experience

Alpine has introduced a new sound system that offers high-resolution audio at an accessible price point. The Alpine Status system is based on the engineering and design concepts of the third-generation Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status system. This makes it possible for audiophiles to build their ideal sound system with a wide range of Hi-Res Audio-enabled speakers.

Hi-Res Audio Made Accessible

The Alpine Status system incorporates many technologies and components from the AlpineF#1Status system to deliver ultra-precision music reproduction at an affordable price. It is designed to play music tracks at a 192kHz / 24bit format, which is widely available on many online stores and streaming platforms. With this high-resolution audio playback, the Alpine Status system creates a heightened listening experience in the vehicle that emulates the feeling of a recording studio session.

Coaxial 2-Way Speaker System

The Alpine Status system features Hi-Res Audio certified speakers that deliver high-quality sound up to 40kHz. The 2-way coaxial system consists of 170mm door woofers with integrated 40mm tweeters. All speakers in this set, as well as the HDZ-110 Alpine Status subwoofer, use backed carbon composite cones for excellent harmonics and a fully unified timbre identity.

Double-Gathered Edge and 40mm Tweeter

The double-gathered edge is another trickle-down technology from the AlpineF#1Status speakers that reduces sound distortion by providing maximum cone excursion with excellent cone control and stability. The integrated 40mm Hi-Res Audio tweeters are capable of playing up to 40kHz and include an integrated wave-guide, tuned-back chamber, and a powerful neodymium magnet.

Studio Recording Spec

Alpine Status achieves 192kHz / 24Bit playback, which is 6.5 times the amount of digital audio data in a standard CD or digital streaming service and exceeds the standard high-resolution spec of 96kHz / 24Bit found in most aftermarket sound solutions. This allows the system to capture and accurately reproduce details like the breath of an artist or a musician's subtle interaction with an instrument. It not only reproduces music to the artist's original intention but emulates the experience of a studio recording in the vehicle.

The Alpine Status system is available as a complete system optimized for power and performance, but each component can also be purchased independently for custom system building. Experience the ultimate high-resolution audio experience with the Alpine Status sound system.

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